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Six Early Literacy Skills

Children are preparing to read long before entering school.  Early literacy are all the elements children know about reading and writing before they can actually read and write.

Preparing children to be successful in school means getting them ready to read. The American Library Association (ALA) has identified 6 skills that underlie an understanding and readiness to read.

The Six Early Literacy Skills.

Please click through links below for more detailed information, short podcast-style videos about each skills, and "tips and tricks" for sharing with children.

Enriched Vocabulary. Knowing the different names of things. Click HERE for more.

Print Motivation. Teaching children that reading is fun represents an important first-step in getting them ready to read. Click HERE for more.

Print Awareness. Knowing how to handle a book, follow words on a page, and noticing that printed words are all around us. Click HERE for more.

Narrative Skills. Telling stories and describing things and sequences of events. Click HERE for more.

Letter Knowledge. Knowing the difference between how letters look, their names, and their sounds. Click HERE for more.

Phonological Awareness. Playing with the sounds in words, including rhymes, initial sounds, and breaking words into syllables. Click HERE for more.

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